Take part in a sponsored event

Would you like to get fit or take on a new challenge but lack the focus or the reason? Do you want to be more active but lack the motivation?

If so, then we are the organisation for you and we can help you to achieve your goals while you raise funds for an amazing cause.

Achieving joint goals

In spite of our individual good intentions we all know that getting fit, training for an event or the weekly visit to the gym can quickly become a chore and easily fall by the wayside like a New Year resolution! Unless there is a good reason to keep up the schedule, that is.

Inas can give you that reason and by getting active and raising sponsorship you can help us to support athletes with an intellectual impairment across the globe.

INAS will support you by giving you a framework and a structure to your programme, giving you aims and objectives by providing:

  • A fundraising guide
  • Support packages
  • Training tips
  • Useful online links

We will not sign you up and then leave you to your own devices. We will support you with weekly emails of encouragement and with a question/answer facility. We’ll also provide you with your own t-shirt bearing the Inas logo and, where possible, someone from INAS will be there to cheer you along on the day!

In short we will help you from the starting point of your challenge, throughout your training to its completion.

What to do next?

If you are taking part or thinking about participating in an event and raising money for Inas please:

Get active, don’t delay!

INAS will publicise your efforts to our local, national and international audiences, so athletes and supporters right across the world will know what you’re doing to help us.

We hope you will benefit and feel good about your achievements knowing that athletes with an intellectual impairment will have the chance to compete at the highest levels because of you. You will be able to sit back, watch and say, “I helped to bring that about.”

INAS has an office base in Sheffield, Great Britain, but is supported by a huge volunteer work force around the world.

By your efforts you can help us sustain our vision of intellectual impairmentt being no barrier to enjoying and being the best in sport.